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Our party leader, Miguel Mansur, was chosen as a member of Parliament among the "Top 5 Vote getters";

Our party leader, Miguel Mansur was chosen as a member of Parliament among the “Top 5 Vote getter”; He received 2019 votes from the Aruban population that wishes to see real change within the community. Miguel is working tirelessly in the Parliament of Aruba to honor the wishes of these voters and the Aruban community as a whole. Miguel reached a new record by sending the most written inquiries, and overseeing the government, within his first year as a member of Parliament 2021 – 2022..

Let’s pave the road toward progress, together.

Your vote counts!
Make use of your right to vote.

Elections are the basis of a democratic government. All governments with a parliamentary democracy are formed by different representatives, which is why each vote counts. This is your contribution, your ACTION, your effort, and your voice to make a change in your country, Aruba.

Your vote is a fundamental right and an opportunity we encourage you to use.

To verify that you are allowed your right to vote (kiesgerechtigde) on the registry of voters (kiezersregister), please visit the following link:

Step 1
Research and educate yourself regarding the political parties and what their vision is
Step 2
You will receive your voting registration card/poll card at your home address
Step 3
Verify the location of your polling station
Step 4
Make sure to have your I.D. or passport with you when you go vote

Why voting is important

The significance of elections and the requirements to vote on Aruba are crucial for the transparency of the electoral process and to assure that democracy is conducted. An election provides the community with the opportunity to be represented by their chosen elects, which hold the legislative power of Aruba. So, that’s why you should educate yourself and research from different sources that offer concrete and reliable information. This information can help voters make a decision and a choice that is aligned with their norms, values, and most important of all, their beliefs.

Voting is a fundamental right that should be exercised by one and all to ensure that your voice is being heard in the community. Voting is one of the most effective ways of contributing to your society, government, and country; it is a human right and a fundamental pillar of our community.

Let your voice be heard and make use of your right to vote!

Take action and become a member

Take action and become a member


A promising future
for everyone

Miguel Mansur

Lider di Partido / Candidato

Most important topics
for our voters in this election

According to collected data from 1529 citizens on Aruba.
Social Crisis
Incompetent Administration

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